Political Assassinations of the 1960s
to Apr 7

Political Assassinations of the 1960s

In an academic setting, we will be looking at the facts of conspiracy and the forces at work in the death of three of the most important figures of our time and how it drastically shaped the future of our democracy.


Many of the nation's experts in all three cases will be presenting at this conference.  Our current speaker list includes:

  • Ed Tatro

  • Professor David Denton

  • Richard Bartholomew

  • Victoria Sulzer

  • Phil Nelson (MLK)

  • Brian Edwards

  • Casey Quinlan

  • Jeff Worcester

  • Shane O'Sullivan (RFK)

  • William Matson Law (RFK)

  • Lisa Pease (RFK)

  • Rick Russo

  • Professor Stan Weeber

  • Sara Peterson

  • Katanna Zachry

More names will be added soon!


Olney, Illinois, is located in Southeastern Illinois. It is centrally located in terms of driving distance, from several major cities: 

Indianapolis- 2 hours & 20 minutes

St. Louis- 2.5 hours

Chicago-4 hours

Memphis-3.5 hours

Nashville-4 hours

Kansas City-6 hours

The best option as far as flying will be St. Louis and Indianapolis. We will be shuttling in our speakers from the St. Louis airport. There may be some limited space for guests as well. Contact us about that if you’re interested. 

Directions can be located via Google Maps, linked on the left hand side of this page. Check back for other details as they become available. 

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